Easy Breezy Freo

Admire the gold rush legacy of the West End of Freo, spotting the items left behind by a hasty thief. Scavenger-hunt style, the answers to the clues are completely visual (spot the actual item, not text), making this walk suitable for the little detectives who aren’t confident with text yet.

(For a longer and more challenging Fremantle puzzle walk that takes in Fremantle’s colonial and convict history as well as its gold rush heritage, check out the original Fremantle Detective Trail.)

Start location: Fremantle Railway Station
Distance: 2 km
Time to complete: around 2 hours
Bring: Bathers for a detour to Bathers Beach
Best side trip: Paper Birds bookstore
Best day and time: Sunday morning for Storytime at Paper Birds and a visit to the markets
Save your treat stomach for: Gabriel Chocolate (Essex St)
Difficulty level: so Watson it’s almost Lestrade

PDF download (print at home):
PDF download + print copy (receive by mail):