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Perth City

Explore Perth’s newest attractions and its colonial, convict and gold rush past.

Come treasure hunting amid Perth’s industrial east for hidden gems and modern glamour.

Enjoy the sounds, sights and scents of Perth’s beautiful inner-city park.

Stroll through the layered history of Perth’s eclectic and arty multicultural district.

Feast your way through Perth’s gourmet treats while fleeing zombie chocolate bunnies.

Perth Metro

Meander through the historic streets of Perth’s first suburb, halfway between city and sea.

Admire the gold rush legacy of Fremantle’s West End in this easy scavenger hunt.

Experience the beauty and history of WA’s vibrant colonial port and prison town.

Uncover the past of the Swan River Colony’s river port and market town.

Take the air in Perth’s original resort town, atop the beautiful Darling Range.

Delve deeper into the history of Perth’s biggest playground.

Enjoy a day out that’s as lovely now as it was a century ago.

Western Australia

Promenade through WA’s “most favoured haunt of the holiday seeker”.

Traverse the timeline of WA in miniature in Moondyne Joe’s favourite town.

Catch a glimpse into a long-vanished way of life in WA’s first inland town.